Our History

Baker Tilly International is a forward-looking network.                                             

Baker Tilly International is one of the world’s top ten (10) accounting firms.The strength of the network’s position today as one of the world’s Top 10 accounting networks is the result of the continued investment through this period in realising its long-term vision: to be recognised as a global network of closely aligned, premier, independent accounting firms serving leading national and global organisations.

Baker Tilly International was established in 1988 when it was known as Summit International Associates. The network re-branded as Baker Tilly International in 2002 and again 2018 as Bakertilly.

In February 2014 Baker Tilly Strachan Lafayette formed a strategic alliance with Baker Tilly International, UK. Being an independent member firm of Baker Tilly International provides a range of resources that facilitates access to the specialist knowledge, experience and intellectual property of thousands of recognised experts worldwide.  

The Partners of Bakertilly are actively involved in the routine operations of the business and are committed to providing professional services of the highest quality to all our clients.


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